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Scheflen Speech-Language Pathology, Inc.

Pediatric Speech and Language Therapy and Social Skills Groups

Scheflen Speech-Language Pathology, Inc.

Pediatric Speech and Language Therapy and Social Skills Groups


Please read what some of our clients have said about the therapies offered at Scheflen Speech-Language Pathology, Inc.

Valery, Woodland Hills

When my son was first diagnosed with Verbal Apraxia, including both an expressive and receptive language delay, at two years old, I was determined to get him the best help I could find. We were lucky to live in West Los Angeles at the time, and I remember thinking there must be a number of good speech therapists in our area. He was initially diagnosed with expressive speech at the 7th percentile, and receptive speech at the 12th percentile. I kept wondering what this would mean for his future, and his ability to communicate. My husband and I began the slow process of trying to find an appropriate speech therapist to work with our son, but also a person that we felt comfortable with as his parents. We ended up switching therapists five different times in 18 months. There were plenty of speech therapist here, but none of them was making a significant difference for my son. Needless to say, it was frustrating and it left me with a real concern about my son’s lack of progress. I wondered if anyone could really help him. Eventually we met Sarah Clifford Scheflen, M.S., CCC-SLP. Within a matter of months, my son started speaking in sentences and his articulation improved dramatically. He has worked with Sarah for the last three years, and his most recent testing showed expressive speech in the 58th percentile and receptive speech in the 84th percentile. He is average or above average in both areas. The change has been truly amazing. I cannot adequately express how impressed I am with Sarah, and all she has done to help my son. I will always feel a debt of gratitude towards her.

Skarlet, Thousand Oaks

We were first introduced to Sarah through the UCLA program that our son attended. We consider ourselves very fortunate to have found such an extraordinary person to help our son. Sarah has a remarkable gift in helping children with speech disorders. Our son, Matthew, began the program with less than few words to his language. With Sarah’s love, guidance and her vast knowledge and experience, we were able to fully communicate with our son in four months. Now, a year later, Matthew's speech is almost age appropriate as he continues therapy with Sarah, and the social skills groups have really improved his skills have improved significantly - I never dreamed my son would not only be intelligible, but be having conversations with friends! The small group of trained teachers makes all the difference. Sarah's devotion, compassion and approach towards children is phenomenal. She has a special place in our hearts and our family will forever be grateful for Sarah.

Lynda, Santa Monica

Enrollment in the social and speech programs offered by Sarah Clifford Scheflen has helped our son tremendously. His language has improved, but using it to talk with other children had been a struggle. The practicing and discussion, in the social skills groups, has helped him produce more conversational speech with other children and he has gained confidence doing it. The experience Sarah and the other clinicians have, specifically working with children who have Autism, is essential to the success of the program for my child. They easily identify and teach to the areas of need, in an appropriate ways, based on his individual needs.

Zoe, Santa Monica

The therapies have made a huge difference in his ability to play in groups and initiate play and spontaneous conversations with other children. The most valuable social lessons have been learned in the small group setting with great peers and terrific teachers. The social skills groups have helped him in every social setting by helping to learn about turn taking, other peoples feelings and appropriate play and conversation. We love this program!

Brad, Santa Monica

Thank you so much for all of your teaching, support and guidance.  You have truly helped our son in so many ways including his speech and articulation and his social skills. Your social skills groups are the best we have seen including those we have observed at public and private schools. Thank you for all you have done over the last five years for our son and our family!